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About Turtletary.. and his Navigator!


Since I strive to create a "sanctuary" for turtles & tortoises.. and my first name is Terry.. hence the name Turtletary. (boring huh?)

I remember the "painted" turtles at the Woolworth's dime store in Springfield, OH. That was 1951.. they cost 29 cents. Fed them "turtle food" from a cardboard box.. dried flies and ant eggs! I don't know whether their demise was from the diet or the "palmtree" painted (?) on their backs (it came off like a decal).. they didn't live long!

Several years and a few moves later we are now in TN.. where I met some folks visiting from Florida. I went to visit them there.. asked around.. met a few "importers".. and bought a trio of 6" leopard tortoises. That was in early '96 and paid $100 for each of them.. had never paid $100 for a tortoise before.. I was hooked! Went back several times.. met a few more importers.. then in early '98 I bought a trio of 4" leopards that grew up to be "very blond".. they were beautiful.. paid a total of $270 for them.. never see that again!! Later that year I bought 3 Colombian redfoot tortoise hatchlings from the same place.. they grew up to become my female breeders.. paid $250 for them.. (the good old daze!).

In the summer of 1999.. while 'vacationing' at Edisto Island, SC.. I met some folks and eventually traded the '96 leopards for.. 1 male and 4 female adult Spotted turtles.. (this was when it was still legal)! By late summer of '00 those 4 females had laid 22 eggs which resulted in 12 baby spotted turtles from SC.. all females! (DUH!!)

That's how it all began.. I have the very first spotted turtle that I ever hatched. She is bigger than my best "producing" female.. hopefully she and a few of her siblings (?) will make babies in '06!

Of course watching those hatchling redfoots' grow up and lay their first eggs was better than your first kiss.. (well you know)!! A 4, 5 or even 6 MONTH incubation period is common! See Update in Redfoot Tortoises link!

My purpose is to make available.. the healthiest and prettiest Captive Bred-Born Chelonians anywhere.

Making you happy.. will fulfill that purpose.. thank you for your time.

The above was written in 2005.. many changes since then - mainly:


Spotted turtles are no longer a part.. or are redfoot tortoises a part.. of the "breeding program".


The most important change has been a "re-dedication"!


One of the "gifts" HE has given me is having big woodpeckers come to visit

our seed feeders and Suet cages - the most recent was this one early December 2016 -

clic link -


Two coming to feed is occasional - three is "rare" .. especially on the ground!

I now have a NAVIGATOR:

My Navigator is my Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST.. without HIM I am nothing!

BC I was my own navigator.. which led to a "dead-end" street.

So I am taking this opportunity to let everyone know that HE is my navigator.

HE directs me in all I do (I'm learning daily to listen). Were it not for HIM this business would be nothing.

HE gives me the thoughts needed to take care of these creatures.. that HE has assigned to me.. they are HIS!

" Commit your works to the Lord.. And your thoughts will be established.".. Proverbs 16:3 NKJV
-Thank You LORD that I don't have to (should not) think on my own.. any more!

When you are ready to give up your ways that have led YOU to a 'dead-end'..

and accept HIM as your Lord and Saviour.. let me know.


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{ derived 'primarily' from " PAUL - The Apostle ".. written by Jimmy Swaggart - 2011.

My personal observation proves that 35% ( if that) is 'commentary' by him and

the rest is mostly Scripture with various theologian / scholar comments }

The Holy Spirit works exclusely within the parameters of the Finished Work of Christ..
and will not work outside those parameters.

Once again, to be brief, He ( Holy Spirit ) works entirely within

the framework of the Cross of Christ.
It is what Jesus did at the Cross that gives the Holy Spirit the legal right
and the legal means to do all that He does.
In fact, this is so much the case that it is referred to as a "Law" -

For the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus, has made me free
from the Law of Sin and Death - Romans 8:2.

{ June 1, 2016.. 'Short Message' plus...}


A study and observation based on Paul's writings and revelation of:
The New Covenant / Testament based on Romans 6 - 8.


My personal observation.. over the past 3-4 years especially.. has been that my " .. daily
victory.. " - as it relates to 'Sanctification' [ being set apart exclusively unto GOD ].. has
been pitiful at best! What have I been thinking/taught according to Scripture?
So I've been asking every "professing Christian" what has been their "Focus and Object of Faith"..
the answers have been almost as diverse as the numbers being asked!


Something happened at the Cross.. that has forever changed mankind.

So what happened and how did Paul relate?
Initially the same way I and everyone else ( without exception ) related - he thought that now that he
was "saved" and filled with the Spirit that he would have victory by keeping "The Law of Moses" - WRONG!!!

We find this in Romans Chapter 7 - "But sin ( the sin nature ), taking occasion by the Commandment, wrought in me all manner of concupiscence ( which is 'evil desires' , meaning.. when a Believer attempts to live for GOD
by any other means than "THE CROSS".. no matter how hard they strive otherwise.. will be ruled by 'evil desires' and
the process gets worse and worse.
) For without the Law.. sin was dead ( means that the Law of Moses fully exposed
what was already in man's heart; which is one of the reasons GOD gave the Law
) " [ Romans 7:8 ]

The statement by Paul.. " taking occasion by the Commandment".. presents a strange scenario!
( The Commandment is
not at fault.. it is man ( his pride! ).. who lives by "Commandments" - which stops the Holy Spirit.. remember?..
who functions entirely / only within the Finished work of Christ - from helping us!

is Victory only in the Cross of Christ.. and not at all in trying to keep some type of law.. that
our church has made up.. or we have devised ourselves.. or someone else has. The only way a
Believer is to live for GOD.. and do so on a continuing basis.. is to place his or her Faith
exclusively in Christ - understanding that what the LORD did for us at the Cross guarentees
complete and total victory.

Let's compare these formulas?

Scripture based.. seldom taught / used :

Focus: The LORD Jesus Christ ( John 1:1; 14:6 )
The Object of Faith: The Cross of Christ ( Romans 6:3-5; 1 Cor. 1:17-18; 2:2 )
Power Source: The Holy Spirit ( Rom. 8:1-2, 11 )
Results: Victory ( Rom. 6:14 )

Used by 'most' of us.. being taught anyway :

Works ( regardless the source )
The Object of Faith: Performance ( what results has our 'good' deeds brought? )
Power Source: Self ( PRIDE .. " I can do it my way " )
Results: Defeat ( requiring working harder )


So we have this scenario that can be ( most likely is ) confusing!

" For I was alive without the Law once ( Paul is referring to himself personally
and his conversion to Christ; the Law he states.. had nothing to do with that conversion
or anything to do with his life in Christ )
: but when the Commandment came
( having just been saved and not understanding the Cross of Christ.. he tried to live for
GOD by keeping the Commandments by his own strength and power [ sound familiar? ];
in Paul's defense.. no one else at that time understood the Cross - in fact the meaning of the
Cross / the New Covenent would be given to Paul [ to preach: 1 Cor. 1:17 ]!!!
), sin revived
( the sin nature will always.. without exception.. revive under such circumstances -
which results in failure ), and I died ( meaning that he died to the Commandments.. in other
words, he failed to obey no matter how hard he tried!!!
) " ( Rom. 7:9 )


Let all believers understand.. if the APOSTLE PAUL..
couldn't live for GOD in this manner
- neither can we -


When's the last time you were knocked to the ground.. blinded.. had a verbal and audible conversation
with JESUS.. 3 days without food or sight.. then had your enemy lay hands on you.. and your sight -
( especially your "inner-sight" of who JESUS really was) - was restored and you were Baptized with the Holy SPIRIT!?
If the called of GOD experienced all that and still got confused...???

PLUS!!!.. Paul was told all that he would suffer - ( see Acts 9:16 ) - and he still said "Yes"???

NOW.. Paul has had this
incredible experience with JESUS - "born again and [ even ] baptized with the Holy SPIRIT -

and sets out to live the only way he knows.. by keeping the Commandments! Only to find out that the harder he

tries.. it get's worse - he can't keep the Commandment ( Mosiac Law / The Ten Commandments ).


Paul soon finds out that the "sin-nature" .. which at that time he did not understand.. has a revival in his life and

begins to ( once again } control him. When he uses the words ".. and I died." .. didn't mean his heart stopped beating

but rather he failed the Lord! We will find out that Paul always links sin with death and death with sin.

In other words..... sin destroys everything that it touches.


It certainly appears that after 2000 + years the modern-day Church is still trying to live for GOD

by the same means that Paul did those many.. many years ago!?

Does.. "... if Paul couldn't.. we can't.. " sound familiar?




" And the Commandment, which was ordained to life ( refers to the Ten Commandments ) , I found to be unto death ( means

that the Law revealed the sin, as it always does. and it's wages which are death; in other words there is no victory

in trying to live by Law; we are to live by Faith, referring to Faith in Christ and the Cross ) " ( Romans 7:10 )


This is hard for the believer to understand! The idea that the Commandment of GOD, and we're speaking of

the Ten Commandments, can fall out to one's defeat is strange to our thinking.

But we see it common within the modern-day church. " Do this.. don't do that.. fast.. pray.. take Communion..

confess.. repent.. memorize the word.. on and on - all of which are legitimate in their own right. But when we

try to use them in this manner, we turn them into a Law! In fact it is possible to turn

anything in Christianity into a Law. In fact we can even make prayer a Law.. meaning that if we pray so

much it will bring victory, etc. It won't.

NOW.. please understand we are not speaking out against prayer or fasting or the Lords Supper, etc.,

what we are speaking against is the Believer using these in the wrong manner! Let us say it again:

There is only one place of Victory and blessing.. and that is the Cross of Christ.

It's that simple ( Luke 9:23 ; 14:27 ). All of these others have their place, but it is the Cross alone through

which Christ works.. and works exclusively.

Paul said: " Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the Gospel, not with wisdom of words, lest the Cross

of Christ should be made of none effect" ( 1 Corinthians 1:17 )


Was Paul knocking Water Baptism? Of course not! He was merely saying that Water Baptism or anything else

of this nature, even those we have named, must not be the object of our faith.


The Cross alone must be the object of our Faith, and that we must ever understand

( Romans 6:3-5; 8:1-2, 11; 1Cor. 1:17,18, 23.. 2:2; Galations Chapter 5, 6:14; Ephesians 2:13-18; Col. 2:14-15 ).



Terry E. Kilgore - Bless GOD America
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