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If you like "turtle-pictures" you have come to the right place!

{ as you'll soon find.. I like taking lots of "turtle-pictures" - this is a really long page so sit back and ENJOY! }



Diamondback Terrapins Sub-Species

Back at the turn of the 19th/20th century -
1903 U.S Bureau of Fisheries established terrapin farms in Lloyds,MD (Oxford), Charleston,SC and Beaufort,NC.

Eventually laws were passed ( early/mid 1940's ) to protect the Diamondback Terrapin..
from the "SOUP-Kitchens" of those days.
These creatures were virtually eaten into extinct!!!
The above division of the Federal Government
had actually funded the creation of concrete "breeding-ponds" to supply the need!
When the laws were finally passed.. multitudes of terrapins
( from every known habitat along the East and Gulf coast ) were dumped
into the Atlantic coastal waters- creating a mass "MIX" of sub-species that still exists today!
Even then it was too late.. already some 5+ generations of "integration" had transpired!!!
Imagine what it is like today!?!

Some years back I picked up a gravid female on the causeway to Jekyll Island.. located off Brunswick, GA.
She laid 7-8 eggs that hatched no less than 3 different color/patterned babies - from one female!!!
She was returned within the month - this was pre-digital camera days so I have no pics.

I love this sign -

Northern Redfoot

As I recall this was late June when this was taken with old "film" camera!
{ I'm thinking the year was 2002 +/- }


The summer of 2014 a friend of mine in Louisiana sent me a pic..
from his friend that worked on a Shrimp Boat on the week-ends.

It was so different that none of the "shrimpers" knew what it was..
it didn't look like what they caught occasionally in their nets.
It was basically dark with large "brown" blotches.. on each scute of it's carapace..
and the 'marginals' / edges of it's shell.. were light too!
What was it doing in the Gulf Coast and how did it get there???


This is the pic he sent me -

Of course I asked my friend how often they catch turtles in their nets.
He said.."When we do.. 3-6 a night.. most times none.
But they usually throw them back or they scurry off the boat when the nets are dumped."
I asked if his friend could catch some of these and send pics of them.
Over the next couple months he sent a number of pics.

AS DESCRIBED IN MY FIELD GUIDE FROM 1958.. [ what this means is ]..


This pic shows the extreme differences.. caught over an unknown stretch of Louisiana Gulf -

( the 'brown' have more 'Texan' / .littoralis blood-line ... see map at bottom of page )


And a different view of that container - who knows how many there are..
or how many nights they collected them (???)


( the 'black' are the 'Mississippi' / pileata blood-line ... see map at bottom of page )

Part of me says "Can I pick out 3-4?" --- and the other part says..
"What will happen to them.. that's sad!"


The short of the long... I have not worked with the "Gulf Coast" { Miss. and Texan } sub-species before.
Mainly the White "Concentrics" and the Blue "Chesapeake" have been the favorites.. so far.
"Gulf Coast" have not been that common..
although the "Texas" Terrapins have been bred by a small number lately.

I don't know what most those that got away looked like of course.

I did ask him to save the smallest ones he could for me.. and eventually he did save the best - see below!
I believe in some way that the discreet keeper/breeder can benefit from any hatchlings that may result from this.
It has been a long [ expensive ] ordeal to acclimate these creatures... to get them to eat and thrive!
I've lost none so far. As of 1/24/15 they are eating a seafood-pellet mixture made with unflavored gelatin..
to create a "gummy-bear" type terrapin food - and most are also eating pellets alone!!!
Best of all - there is breeding going on now. So something is going right!!!

Somehow in mid-October they got into a group of males.. the following are a few of the nicest ones -
note how a few have very similar colors and patterns! AND keep in mind..
the Miss. and Texan sub-species' territory join. ( see 'map' below )
Again according to my 1958 field guide the Texas subs have little to no mustache..
distinct yellow-orange mariginal colors.. often with knobs along "keel"..
and very light colored plastron - [ in comparison to Miss. subs ]


I really look forward to the babies these will produce!



One thing I have learned is that these Gulf Coast Terrapins are very sensitive to change -
or they haven't totally acclimated to captivity yet -
maybe(?) taking them inside for the winter [ to brumate / hibernate ]

somehow threw them out of balance.. combined with the up and
down temps during the spring of 2016 - - - only one

of the females was gravid during the 2016 'laying' season!
And she dropped them in the water.............





August 2016 UPDATES -


All of these shown below ( unless otherwise stated ) are part

of the 2017 " breeding-group" that will produce hatchlings.

**The Louisiana / Texas 'Gulf Coast' group includes females with

incredible 'white/vanilla' head colors and really unique patterns!**

**The Atlantic 'East Coast' "Concentrics".. featuring 'Super White' and
Chesapeake Bay 'Blue'.. with the 'eye-drop' / 'swiggly-line' face and

'netting' crown patterns.. along with tan/gold to deep brown shells!**


'Most' of these pics were taken during 2016.




Starting with the 'Gulf Coast' group --


This is just one of my "group" pics I happen to like - 2.2 ( males.females )



Left front from above - one of two 'favorites' !

( July 2016 pics )




The big one on the right is a "light-phase" Texan(?) - both females
came from the "same" waters... what a mix-up huh?


(almost 8" SCL)





There is a smaller female "light-phase" Texan also .. the one that was gravid this spring -

always liked her face.. something about that "vanilla"!!!



.. gotta luv those carapace colors-



Somthing about her face -

( 8/26 )


Went out to get pics of the "SuperTexan" Girls - 8/30 - and there she was !





Another variation of 'Light-Texan'.. I called her 'Honey' -


( June 2015 )







This big girl likes my fingers.. she is the only one that will try to bite!


Happened to catch her today while changing filter media.. she 'bout nailed me again.. but was

able to escape because I saw her coming! One of those nice males too -



She was following my finger around.. she didn't stop long enough
to get good pic - you get the idea - pic on 8/31



Have never seen her aggressive to any of the other ones ( ? ) .



**To change-up for a few**

Summer of 2015 they were well acclimated and enjoyed basking etc. -
was able to get a few nice pics -




A couple of the males -



This was not a "cropped" pic.. was able to move in closer -






In the 'Terrapin - Community' these colors / patterns are known as..
"Super-Texan" .. the unique 'crown' and big 'blotches' on their

neck and front legs is what sets these apart!!!

This female is the smaller of the two breeders in the group...



Earlier this year...

Those 'blotches' -




Earlier today.. 8/10 -


Even a different plastron !


And their mate -




This "Super-Texan" male has a plastron similar to the 'Mangrove' sub.



He's quite the find.. "Super-Texan" males are not common.. quite rare actually.




That 'head' below him above is from an "East Coast-Florida" sub-species..
more on her at the bottom of this page -





The larger female [ aka Big ] has that huge "female-head" !
They like to bask in the 'nest-box' - watta face -

( 8/24 )


To get an idea of mass -


Aug. 2015 -


"Big" was all over.. in and out.. on 'bridge' between "Brackish" and fresh..

she is a good 8" SCL! Luckily she has never tried to bite -


Aug.2016 -


( 8/20 ) Again "BigSuper" in the sand.. luv those blotches -



... followed by -



The heads on these 8+" females are outstanding!




As mentioned earlier .. went out to get pics of the "SuperTexan" Girls -



.. these are what I came up with - they never stop -





Taking pics of these is a REAL challenge some times !
[ because they are so active and curious ]

So getting ONE decent pic may take [ literally ] 17 shots !

They never stop.. must be their "high-fat" shrimp, etc. diet !!!




Haven't shown many males.. really like this 'lemon'!



From summer 2015 - WHAT A FACE!!!




He actually has a yellow-tint to his head!



A male 'Gulf Coast' showing dark "Texan" shades -


( Feb. 26, 2016 )


.. not sure what that was in his mouth? -



Watta face --




This is the first time I've gotten pics of "PirtyBoy".. he's just
a little guy.. today outside - 8/24 - sunlight always 'washes-out' colors -




From inside.. October 2015 - these are his actual colors -





He was really slow getting to eat anything.. thought I might
lose him.. he finally ate shrimp and now he's alive and eating pellets.


Just a pic of a "Gulf-Coast" 'pair' -




See some of them 'begging' to be fed - when they see me
they scurry to their "food-tub" where they eat and drink fresh water.
A great view of most of them "LIVE"!
They couldn't figure why there was nothing to eat.. minutes later there was - HERE

Also a look at the entire habitat.. including the attached "nest box" - HERE


Their outdoor living quarters may not have all that.. "eye-appeal" ..
but they seem to be quite happy and content!



All these "Gulf Coast" live in the 650 gallon combo seen in the links above.



Thought I'd show some of the diverse colors / patterns of these magnificent creatures.

All of these pics were taken here - I owned every one of these terrapins at one time -
NONE are part of the current collection now.
{ the result of being really stupid / ignorant [ at best ] .. etc. }




"Gulf Coast"

A few of the 'Macro' subs - M.t. macrospilota.. aka Ornate -

A few select shots from a 3.5 group - reportedly from
SW thru the panhandle of Florida -

Males -








Now for females -




She was so young she didn't know to go to nest box ???








Last but not least.. luv it !



This pic was sent to me by the source of these above.. how many or
any of them came from this batch is unknown -





"East Coast / Concentrics"



BO.. first '09 hatchling I ever bought- hatched July, 2009..

the pic that got the Forum wowing!

( 9/16/09 )


shown here in Feb. 2011 -




The above was not his first girlfriend - this one below was!

Sometime in early August 2011 I managed to talk with George(?) from NY.
He told me he had a big turtle he bought at 'China Town' out of an orange crate.. he

thought it was a 'diamonback-terrapin'.. he wasn't sure.
He told me he was keeping him in a hundred gallon fresh water aquarium with two

snake-neck turtles and feeding them hamburger - but the diamondback was too
big and it didn't like the hamburger and would I like to have the turtle?

He said he wanted $35 to cover his costs. You can imagine what I told him!

I asked to call Gearge - and the short of the long is -- I sent George a box to ship the
terrapin .. with a shipping label.. , etc. And this is how it finally went -


( August 16, 2011 )


Opened the box -


Then the bag... and she said.. 'HELLO' -



Her carapace was quite pitted from the fresh water..
surprizingly no skin damage!

Again... the old "Had I known then what I know now".. she would most likely
have been making babies since 2012 on!






Look at those colors!



She even had 'striped-pants' !



BO was in love --




Again I can only imagine what these two would have created.


I tried and tried to heal her carapace with chemicals.. the more I tried
the more aggrevated and stressed she became.
And trying to get her to eat pellets too soon was the last straw --

instead of a slow "brackish-water" treatment, etc.
I believe the added stress.. broke her heart - I know it did mine
when I found her lifeless only a few weeks later.




First Terrapin ever.. 2005-2006(??)

Given to me by a good friend.


Had no idea how to care for her.. she developed skin issues and I sold her..
the cost of ignorance is devastating.. one way or the other!!!






"Sassy" made the 'Sassy-Brothers' [ "Northern - East Coast" page ] ..
see her digging their nest on the "Care" page.






This was the absolute nicest Male I have ever had !
He had fewest 'broken-lines' on the whitest of white skin !!!



~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Sometimes it's O.K. to look back at what once was..
but to be "REAL" -

... forgetting those things which are behind,
and reaching forth unto those things which are before...

Philipians 3:13


Does no good to beat ourselves up for past "anything"..
we would like to take back and do differently -
it's done and we have to get past it - See Romans 8


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


See the 'Northern - East Coast'..

known as "Concentrics".. clic link -