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These are the 'Northern - East Coast'..

known as "Concentrics".

On the left is my FEMALE 'GoldCrown'.. on the right is the MALE.

Their name is derived from the "Gold" carapace color.. and the "Crown" pattern on the crown of their head!
[ the little one in the middle is 'Homeboy' / Ornate ]


Just like this pic of them climbing up to bask together -

( summer of 2015 )


This year - 2016 - one of the whitest 'Gulf Coast' females'..

and our 'Macro' male and young female..
reside in a 300 combo.. along with the 'Gold-Crown' pair.. plus "Ivory"!

They are known as the "Super-White" group!

The other 300 combo houses the 'Blue' trio, etc.


August 2016 .. great shot of 'GoldCrown' male on left -

Attempting to show the difference in shape of carapace - male vs female.. even tho' she is still young..
the 'flare' on the rear-half of her carapace has started to develop - where the eggs grow!

Tried getting a few of her.. she just wouldn't come up on the 'bridge' to cross over to eat.. did get this pic of her "crown"!

( 8/24 )

She should 'shed' soon.. then that "Gold" will really show!

And when feeding today - 9/09 - she did pause for a second when she saw me..

but.. then over the 'bridge' so fast she was a blur! [ as you can see ]


And of course!

"Ornate" ( aka Macro )
West coast/panhandle.. FL
Our "Homeboy" - his carapace/colors-patterns are known as "Flowerback" -

See him eating in this vid ...

One of the 300 gallon combos has the "SuperWhite" ones in it -
a few seen above and in this video -
sometimes 'vids' really show the turtles.. a few seen HERE !

[ sometimes they don't ]

A new "Super-White" Group shot.. Aug. 2016 -

( really had to 'ease-up' on them to get this one )

Right in the middle is " The King" among his harem !!!

To his left is a 2013 hatched female Macro..
she had incubation issues and is small for her age - and it finally caught up with her..
lost her late summer 2016..

Have to show what may have been her in 2013 -

( 9/23/2013 )


They were basking together so I had to -

Of course was looking forward to when these two could make babies!

Notice the "knobs" on their 'Vertebrals' [ keel ]!
I really miss her.......

Coming up from behind him was 'Ivory' -
( she had quite a transformation from 'fresh' water .. seen on the "Care" page! )

How she looked 'before-shed' October' 2015 -

And with "GoldCrown" male --


Can't help but wonder what their babies will look like -

[ a little algae in the water makes it appear 'green'.. ]
The 'original' 300 has the "White/Blue" - some of the Blue have
the "Chesapeake Bay" look with a 'plain' crown.. and some have the

web on the crown with a 'Concentric' look.
Here we see two young adult "Blue"..
not long out of brumation inside - late March 2016

It won't be long and they will shed-off that 'pale' look!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here we see one of them with a "White" to see color
differences - from November 2013 -

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

They really look great outdoors.. and sometimes I catch them together..

( looking thru the predator-proofing fencing )

Once again!
To show the different 'integrates' caused by man..
Joe - the friend of mine that sent me these girls - manages the
"hatchery" division of the Water Dept. on the Chesapeake Bay.
A co-worker caught this big male.. and Joe acquired him and sent him to me.
This creature was a beast.. a good 6".. he was huge!

Look at that 'male-tail'!

He doesn't look anything like the girls does he?

Right out of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.
See our 'alpha' female "Betsy" with one of the Blue girls..
early summer 2016.. early evening...

Possibly a better pic .. shortly out of 'brumation' early spring 2016 -
Betsy has created untold numbers of babies before coming here -
and a number of eggs [ no hatchlings ].. due to no mature males have been present.
Expecting great things in 2017!

Of course the 'White Concentric' males that highlight the group!
[ Sassy Brothers.. Lite and Dark ]

These guys hatched here in 2013.. shown not long out of brumation - late March 2016.
Interesting how these "brothers" have different colors ( most likely two males sired them ).

They were incubated at 80 F.. to produce males - it worked!

You'll see how much better they look outside next


Another young female with great colors and patterns.. that came from

a good 'Terrapin-friend'.. I call her "Star" -

( late Feb.'2016 )

.. interesting plastron..

.. seen below with others' ( July 2016 ) - -

** Blue male.. aka Skyy - an exceptional 'Blue Concentric' -

** here they are inspecting a tiny acorn -

** with Betsy and the Sassy Brothers..

** profilin' over Betsy..

** Skyy and the Sassy Brothers.. over Betsy..

Wonder what they had in mind???
Inside.. it's often 'challenging' to get good pics because they are so "active" !!!
Skyy is one of those that just doesn't co-operate much outside..
so sometimes I have to take things into my own hands -

( March 23' 2016 )

Was 'blessed' with an opportunity to acquire one of the "last" ..

just had that feeling that it would be a good one when I saw him in the ad --

( Sept. 28, 2014 - here )

Sure 'nuff .. ( July 2, 2016 )

The tail tells the tale!

The more I see that "white" all over his head.. neck and legs ..
the more I realize how incredible he is !!!
Raising 'hatchlings' is always fun.. especially when they have been "incubated"
for male and they raise-up to be males -- when white like their parents!


This is his 'daddy' from late 2013 - sent to good "Terrapin-friend" ..
where he created the below and is still 'creating' -

... found him 'basking' on top of "Beast" -

This was when we decided to go "Brakish Water" !!!


..see that male tale?

And those "hair-pins" on his plastron -
There's white all over him...

A great looking 2015 hatched.. at 3.5" SCL on 8/29/2016!




I've discovered that "most" think that the "Concentric" Terrapin is a distinct sub-species!


That 'face' - below the "Super-Texan's" above - is from East Coast Florida -
which looks a lot like what would be called a "black-concentric"!!!

This girl has been so elusive that I've not gotten a 'natural' pic of
her until this morning ( 8/26 ) in the nest-box...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Another "Black Concentric" from July 2013 -

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Where are the "concentric" patterns on the carapace?
[ inside ] But there are ( somewhat ) the "hair-pins" on the plastron.. like a "concentric"!?!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
These and those above are the 'typical "hair-pins" plastron of a "Concentric" -

{ Chesapeake Bay Blue (?) }

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
My theory is : This 'sub-species' is known as Tequesta { East Coast Florida } - as seen in this range map -

And the Carolina sub-species is white with little speckles on their face..

with gold and bronze(?) carapace colors -

Once more.. the "Carolinas" with "Sassy" basking -
( 1/29/2013 )

Notice their 'ranges' join - so I speculate - black and white with 'lines, etc.' ..

meets up with white face and yellow carapace patterns.. etc., etc., etc.

and with the help of the "Soup-Kitchen" mix - we end up with a

"Designer-Terrapin"... named "Concentric" - in black / white / blue / yellow / brown !!!

With "ALL" the flavors in between...



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