Redfoot Tortoise Breeder and Diamondback Terrapin Breeder / Care


The very first water turle I ever 'hatched' - Chinemys reevesii -

a.k.a Chinese Reeves turtle - around 1999 +/- a year or two (?)

Watched the female lay her eggs.. and didn't know what to do !
No pics of them.. pre-digital days... for me anyway.


Recently acquired a 'clutch' of them... 9/29/2016



The smallest one here -



Talk about tiny!



And a few of the others - there are 9 all total -




Nice profile -



Not the best pic.. just like the view -



They are tiny.. yep!



Possible pair.. based on color / size??

Boy on the left -



AND now in February 2017



What faces..



A handsome little boy!


Funny face.. haha ..


Those eyes!